FireScope Selects Actuate to Deliver Enhanced Reporting for IT Infrastructures

IT Leaders can Quickly Generate Health and Security Reports from Heterogeneous Environments in Real-time

La Palma, California – February 19, 2007 - FireScope, a leading developer of IT operations software, today announced that it has selected software from Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the leader in Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Reporting Applications, to provide an intuitive and real-time report interface for the FireScope line of IT Operations appliances.

FireScope’s line of IT Operations appliances has established itself as an industry innovator by offering businesses a single, comprehensive view into the health and security of their IT operations, regardless of the underlying technologies of the monitored and managed applications, databases and devices. This allows IT organizations to identify and react to the early symptoms of performance, availability, security and compliance issues before users are affected, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of IT services. Unique to FireScope is its flexible, AJAX-driven, real-time GUI comprised of portlets, that can be easily tailored or even hot-deployed to fit enterprise needs. Any JSR-168 compliant portlet can be applied to the FireScope system; the solution also offers a library of portal templates suitable for any operational or analytical need.

The inclusion of Actuate BIRT, Actuate’s Java report development product that is based on technology from the Eclipse Foundation’s open source BIRT project, into the FireScope solution offers users a feature rich environment to generate interactive web reports in real-time, ensuring businesses have access to the information they need to drive prompt, effective action.

IT organizations are often faced with the need to collate the performance, availability and security data of their various servers, applications, databases and other networked devices in order to develop a holistic view of the health and security of their environments. An obstacle to this task has traditionally been the disparate formats and proprietary terminology used by systems built by different vendors. FireScope eliminates this obstacle by aggregating the raw data from disparate sources and generating actionable information. The introduction of Actuate BIRT into the solution extends the reporting options available to FireScope users.

Enhanced Functionality that is now available to FireScope users includes:

· Easy-to-use visual design environment that enables users to create and deploy reports in minutes via a simple, robust, wizard-driven interface based on data retrieved from multiple, disparate systems, applications, databases or point solutions.

· Powerful integrated charting that enables charting reports to be built easily in a variety of types which include Line, Bar, Pie, Meters, Area, Scatter and Stock. The charts can be output in different formats including Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

· Flexible report output formats that deliver single or multi-page PDF or HTML reports in several viewing and printed formats using parameters, multiple sections, grouping levels, charts, and more. Report content can also easily be exported to CSV format.

·Granular security model offering fine-tuned control over which systems and data metrics individual users or groups have access to.

“FireScope represents a collection best-of-breed applications, blended together in our real-time wrapper to offer IT organizations a simpler, more accurate way to manage and grow today’s complex IT environments,” said Mark Lynd, president of FireScope. “The addition of Actuate BIRT into the solution is a logical extension of this objective and helps clients derive even more business value from their FireScope deployment.”

“Every organization seeks the means to drive better performance, and FireScope provides an excellent way to do this in the area of IT operatio