FireScope Announces Addition of Collaboration Features to its IT Operations Solution

La Palma, California – January 11, 2007 – FireScope, a leading developer of IT Operations software offering a real-time view of the health and security of enterprise networks, announced today the addition of collaboration tools to be integrated into the latest release of the FireScope IT Operations software. Among the tools included in this package are user-customizable blogs, wikis, message boards, rss feeds, shared bookmarks and calendars.

FireScope’s line of IT Operations support appliances has established itself as an industry innovator by offering businesses a single view into the health and security of the entire IT infrastructure, regardless of the underlying technologies of the monitored and managed devices. This allows IT organizations to identify and react to the early symptoms of performance, availability, security and compliance issues before users are affected, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of IT services. In addition, FireScope’s business intelligence feature, a first for the industry, provides an easy to use and highly accurate instrument for IT operational planning and management.

The addition of collaboration tools embedded directly into the FireScope web portal extends the FireScope solution by offering organizations an easy method for creating an internal knowledge base that is directly integrated with the monitoring and management interface for the enterprise. And because every aspect of these tools is user configurable, FireScope empowers businesses to organize information in a way that fits their unique needs and preferences.

“A critical issue that IT organizations have been struggling with for years is how to retain valuable information that is lost when key employees leave,” said Mark Lynd, President of FireScope. “With these collaboration and knowledge management tools, organizations have the capability to retain valuable proprietary information and experience less disruption when personnel changes take place.”

The FireScope web portal is built from an open-source, JSR 168 compatible portal architecture. This contains a flexible security framework that allows administrators to restrict information and device access by user or user group. Additionally, the portal architecture gives each user the ability to tailor the content delivered on every page to meet their operational needs. Content within any page can range from graphs of security or performance data, tabular data lists of alerts to message boards pertaining to the devices being monitored, calendars of scheduled maintenance or blogs detailing the latest issues facing the service desk.

To further extend the capabilities of the FireScope portal, any JSR 168-compliant portlet can be hot-installed from within the FireScope interface. This allows organizations to develop new features using in-house resources or integrate third-party point solutions directly into FireScope. Integrated Single Sign-On within FireScope ensures that users have a seamless experience across any collection of integrated tools.

The collaboration suite of tools will be made available free of charge to FireScope clients with current maintenance and support contracts, and will be automatically installed on deployments configured to receive automatic updates. For more information about this new feature, visit

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