FireScope Stratis Ushers in New Era of Enterprise Management

Only multi-tenanted and elastically scalable solution designed FOR the cloud to support highly variable environments, regardless of size or location.

January 11th, 2012 – Huntington Beach, CA. – FireScope Inc., the leader in aligning customers' technology performance to their business and customer experiences, today announced FireScope Stratis, the first and only elastic cloud-enabled enterprise management solution designed to support truly massive and highly dynamic environments.

The Enterprise strategy of moving to Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds in order to deliver greater agility, lower costs, and better customer satisfaction is no longer a point of discussion, its happening. However, the organizational and technology transformations required to deliver on these promises are huge, and in particular, legacy management tools based on a potpourri of acquisitions are ill equipped to cope with such an agile and changing environment. 

To support this new strategy, IT requires a capability that deploys on-demand and is easily managed.  It should deliver a single, top-down view, focused on aligning the IT stack, from both a cost and performance perspective, with the businesses services being delivered, the customers who consume them, and the financial impact associated with any degradation of the service. Only then can business owners gain clarity into how their large, complex and constantly changing environments are supporting agreed upon business objectives.

Only FireScope Stratis delivers on this need.

"EMA expects to see FireScope rock the complacent cradle of more entrenched, overly complex and expensive incumbents," said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President for Enterprise Management Associates. "FireScope’s potential in the industry, moreover, is unique in that it’s tuned and focused to the real-time exigencies of operational dynamics, while combining IT Service Management governance with cross-domain and even executive-level concerns.   Moreover, FireScope has done this with consistently impressive customer testimonies regarding time to value and ease of use—attributes that seem to have eluded most of the company’s larger competitors."

FireScope Stratis is the only solution designed from the ground up to leverage cloud-era technologies such as Big Data, elastic scalability, multi-layered redundancy, multi-tenancy and more.  This is in stark contrast to the rest of the industry, where legacy architectures have been adapted to run from the cloud, yet suffer from the same inherent bottlenecks as before just on a larger stage.  As a result, FireScope's approach delivers capabilities that no other vendor can deliver, such as:

  • ONLY solution that can give you complete visibility, from user experiences to power and air and encompassing all of your virtual and non-virtual assets, from across the globe in a single interface with a Top-Down service-aligned approach.
  • ONLY elastic management platform, leveraging Infrastructure As A Service (‘IAAS”) and Big Data technology to scale on-demand automatically to support dynamic infrastructure growth and capable of supporting truly massive environments with hundreds of thousands of assets.
  • ONLY solution that can deliver layered elastic redundancy and secure multi-tenancy out of the box.
  • ONLY solution that delivers insight into the business implications of events and performance in terms of lost revenue, productivity and regulatory risk and enabling you to analyze capacity in terms of forecasted business growth.


"FireScope Stratis represents a bold move to address key issues facing enterprises today," said  David Hekimian, CTO of Trace3. "While most management vendors are focused on bolting on new features, FireScope is the only player we've seen who's taken a step back and really investigated where the industry is going and what customers really need.  This has resulted in a solution offering incredible value for our customers."

Innovative Architecture

FireScope Stratis is comprised of three elastically scalable components; the Elastic Web Component, Elastic Application Component and Elastic Storage Component.  In addition to enabling customers to start using their first dashboards on day-one, this simplified architecture features a cloud management interface that continually evaluates the load and performance of each layer to automatically self-adjust resources to deliver optimal performance without over utilization.  A universal Edge device, configured from the cloud-based FireScope Stratis interface, performs localized discovery and data collection, and makes expansion of coverage for new business locations or growth as easy as starting the edge device and executing discovery and auto-configuration.

"Few enterprise solution providers have the vision to consider the far future needs of their users," said Richard Heard, President of Insight Investments. "In FireScope Stratis, we see a platform for tackling tomorrow's business problems today."

More information about FireScope Stratis, including the EMA report "FireScope Stratis Harvests Cloud’s Flexibility to Deliver Business-aligned Service Management" can be found at  There, users can also register for an upcoming webinar featuring Dennis Drogseth, Vice President of Enterprise Management Associates.

About FireScope

FireScope is the leader in aligning customers' technology performance to their business and customer experiences through highly innovative, on-demand solutions. FireScope's suite of products includes three primary enterprise offerings: FireScope Stratis™ – The only Cloud-Era enterprise management solution; FireScope Unify™ Business Service Management (BSM) - your dashboard for enterprise IT strategy; FireScope Orchestrate™ Configuration Management Database (CMDB) - your playbook for IT Operations. FireScope Inc., headquartered in Huntington Beach, California has offices in Sydney, New York, Dallas and London. To learn more about FireScope and its advanced ITSM solutions, visit or call 877-780-3473.