FireScope Introduces Industry's First Real Time On-Demand Analytics for Service Capacity and Technology Performance

New product aligns structured and unstructured data across technology silos and geographical locations to enable on-demand capacity and performance planning for critical business services.

June 15th, 2011 – Huntington Beach, Ca. – FireScope Inc., the leader in aligning customers technology performance to their business and customer experiences, today announced FireScope Analytics, the industry's first real time analytics product that delivers business insight and decision support for capacity and performance of critical business services, on-demand.

FireScope Analytics is a next generation extension of FireScope Unify that enables drag and drop analysis of services and service dependencies across the technology stack and data centers in which they reside. Multiple forecasting formulas and algorithms are available to determine technology performance, correlate current data and provide predictive support for future needs. For the first time, IT leaders gain real time decision support to respond to current activity demands and anticipate technology requirements in the future based on forecasted business growth. 

“An ongoing challenge experienced by large corporates globally, is making good business sense from the masses of structured and unstructured data collected every day through system logs, performance monitoring tools, transaction logs and social networks to name a few,” said Paul Cameron, Head of Enterprise Services BT, Suncorp Business Services. “The key is not to move the data nor translate it into a warehouse for later analysis – too costly and takes too long. Performance and capacity planning needs to be predictive to avoid business interruptions whilst assisting in planning future investments. Access to these sources of raw data which can be numerous and geographically dispersed, is important if we are to strategically correlate events and trends that successfully delivered, will result in improved performance with a reduction in unplanned outages.”

The data used by FireScope Analytics is collected and normalized by FireScope Unify via its real-time data collection capabilities. Commonly used data collection methods include common standards and direct API connectivity for VMware, NetApp, Cisco and others. A multi-site capability pushes this service-related data and events from multiple geographically dispersed instances to a single data repository, which FireScope Analytics leverages for global service business insight and decision support.

“We partnered with FireScope because they are dedicated to finding innovative ways to solve real problems,” said David Hekimian, CTO Trace3. “FireScope Analytics’ ability to deliver on-demand decision support furthers this focus by addressing a fundamental problem in the industry today; how to optimally align technology investments with business growth.”

Historically, performance and capacity planning for complex environments has required considerable manual integration efforts and costs to collect and normalize data from multiple, disparate sources. As a direct result, capacity planning for example is typically done infrequently and performed against discreet technology silos, such as storage, compute and network.  This approach breaks down in virtual and cloud infrastructures where project timelines are substantially shorter and greater cross-domain interaction complicates capacity planning.

Now with FireScope Analytics, the cost and effort have been slashed, as users need only launch the application and drag and drop service metrics into a graph to visualize cross-technology utilization trends side-by-side.

"During my time as a C-level officer for a diverse multi-billion dollar organization, a team of business analysts and project managers required weeks of effort to provide me with a fraction of the insight FireScope Analytics offers with just a few clicks," said Mark Lynd, President and COO of FireScope. "In today's dynamic business environment, a business can't afford to wait for weeks; they need actionable intelligence now."

This on-demand capacity and performance analysis enables IT planners to quickly evaluate their current storage investments, as well as, how a future investment in storage will impact a service, what business outcomes can be anticipated, and if the investment makes sense for the business. Not only does this help organizations map out the best strategy for cost-effective scaling of services, but also enables right sizing of private and outsourced cloud initiatives in a way that optimizes users experiences without over spending.

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