FireScope Introduces Dynamic Network Topology Mapping

Huntington Beach, Calif., September. 22, 2010 - FireScope, Inc., the fastest growing IT service management solutions software company, today announced the general availability of its dynamic network topology mapping feature, providing users with interactive maps of their networks with integrated event information and performance data.

“We’ve seen too many organizations basing critical decisions on out-dated Visio diagrams that lead to disastrous results”, said Steve Cotton, CEO of FireScope.  “Static diagrams just don’t cut it in the modern data center, where topology can radically change in seconds due to virtualization, private cloud architectures and automation.”

The FireScope network topology feature requires only a subnet and SNMP credentials to begin querying network devices for their connected assets and configuration.  A typical class-C network takes just minutes to map.  User-specified intervals determine the period between subsequent scans to refresh the map.  Additionally, this feature makes use of FireScope’s innovative service modeling to add an operational dimension to the generated maps.

Unlike traditional topology mapping products, such as LANSurveyer from Solarwinds, that generate static Visio diagrams or images, FireScope’s solution utilizes Web 2.0 technologies to produce an interactive map that enables users to drill down and explore granular details of their infrastructure.  Additionally, this feature makes use of FireScope’s powerful event engine to include real-time event status and performance metrics that provide actionable intelligence for IT operators.

Multiple Perspectives

Users can interact with their network topology in a variety of ways:

  • Drill down from individual routers and switches to see the assets connected to each port, as well as current status and active events.
  • Explore each port on a switch with information about its Administrative and Operational interface status and whether the port is in use and by what asset.
  • Seamlessly move from topology to service maps to explore how events on individual assets impact Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).
  • Compare performance and error metrics on the interfaces on a switch or router using the Port Visualizer view.
  • Start from an IT Service perspective with color-coded status and drill down in seconds to the root-cause, enabling IT to respond faster, more effectively.


This feature is available as an add-on for the company’s network and application monitoring solution, FireScope Dash, and its Business Service Management solution, known as FireScope Unify.  Pricing for the feature starts at only $1,995 and is activated via license key with no need to install additional software or deploy agents.

For more information, or to view videos of the network topology feature in action, please visit  Additionally, a free 28-day trial of FireScope Dash can be requested through this site.

About FireScope

FireScope, the fastest growing ITSM software company is a leading developer of groundbreaking IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions that are revolutionizing how businesses conduct IT operations. In addition to its Dash network and application monitoring solution, FireScope’s suite of products includes three primary enterprise offerings: Unify™ Business Service Management (BSM) - your dashboard for enterprise IT strategy; Orchestrate™ Configuration Management Database (CMDB) – your playbook for IT Operations; and Comply™ - your compass for managing IT compliance. FireScope Inc., headquartered in Huntington Beach, California has offices in Sydney, New York, Dallas and London. To learn more about FireScope and its advanced ITSM solutions, visit or call 877-780-3473.