Too Many Cooks In the IT Kitchen

 When it comes to IT Service Management, research proves that 'less is more'.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- FireScope, a leading developer of innovative Service Management solutions, today announced that, "we told you so." Delivered with a laugh, the tech startup's playful claim is in reaction to a new study by NetForecast indicating that a modest number of tools are the key to efficiency.

For the study, NetForecast surveyed more than 400 enterprises about their performance management practices. The report, Benefits of an Optimal Number of Performance Management Tools, outlines the optimal number of vendors, the business benefits of consolidation, and even key features to look for when selecting vendors.

"Most companies assume that a large quantity of monitoring and management tools results in more thorough and efficient coverage of their infrastructure," says Peter Sevcik, President of NetForecast. "In reality, too many solutions lead to overlap, inefficiency and truckloads of complexity."

And Then There Was One

"Keeping things simple has been our strategy all along," says Mark Lynd, President of FireScope. "Whether you have two solutions, or eight, FireScope helps you reach peak IT performance by aggregating the chaos into a single, real-time interface. Implementing BSM is not just adding another solution to the complex mix."

FireScope's Business Service Management (BSM) products provide complete visibility of your entire IT infrastructure, enabling you to nip problems in the bud, as well as better plan and manage IT Operations. Aside from cutting out blind spots, BSM maximizes efficiency and reduces costs by putting a dollar value next to everything IT. "If something isn't working, you can see exactly how much it's costing you," says Lynd.

The Right Tools For the Job

In the current economic crisis, one of the easiest ways for businesses to slash costs is by taking a closer look at how they're managing IT. NetForecast's detailed study offers clear guidelines to reducing costs while also improving efficiency. To review a free copy of the complete report, visit, and then test the waters and experience how consolidation can help you reach peak performance by downloading a 28-day trial of FireScope BSM, free of charge.