FireScope Grid Enriches Your Applications

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Oct 02, 2008 -- FireScope, a leading developer of innovative Service Management solutions, today introduced the FireScope Grid, an open source jQuery plug-in that adds datagrid behaviors to tabular data, regardless of the server-side technology being used.

"With just a few lines of code, any developer can add sorting, filtering and pagination to any tabular data," says Michael Brown, creator of FireScope Grid. "Thanks to jQuery it's significantly easier for developers to extend the functionality and usability of their applications."

The Grid is publicly offered as an open source project (GNU Public License, v2). The component allows users to page through large data sets, dynamically filter by any column, and sort on the fly. Using AJAX, the FireScope Grid also avoids the compulsory page refresh. For a better understanding of it's more prominent features, check out the descriptions below:

-- Paging -- Specify how many rows you want displayed and the FireScope Grid will automatically generate navigation links that allow users to page through the results.
-- Sorting -- FireScope Grid lets you choose which columns to sort by, including control of the default sort.
-- Filtering -- AJAX capability enables on-the-fly filtering of results, with control over which columns allow filtering.
-- Configurable -- Developers can control which columns allow filtering or sorting, paging of data sets, as well as the look and feel of the plug-in. Included CSS and icon files can be extended to fit the style of your site.

FireScope offers PHP and ASP examples of the source code, which can be found on their Web site ( Additionally, an online forum is available to users looking for peer support.

"We decided to make the Grid open source in an effort to give something back to the community," says Steve Cotton, CEO of FireScope. "Any web-based application can benefit from the increased functionality that the FireScope Grid provides, making the user experience easier and more productive, which is a key goal for everything we create at FireScope."

About FireScope

FireScope has made giant strides in the landscape of IT solutions by offering the first Business Service Management accessible for small to medium businesses. This is achieved by reducing the price of entry for BSM to only $2,450 and by delivering a self-service solution, minus the pricey consultants and extensive training. Further distinguished by its free 28-day downloadable trial, FireScope is the first enterprise-grade solution to do so. FireScope Inc. is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. For more information about FireScope, visit