FireScope Unveils Engage Touch-Screen For IT Operations

New Engage Provides Visual Cueing and One-Touch Drill Down for IT Security, Performance Event Information

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - April 8, 2008 - FireScope, a leading developer of Business Service Management software that offers a real-time view of the business impact of IT Operations, today introduced Engage, the first touch-screen interface for Business Service Management. Engage provides IT network and security professionals with instant visual cueing and one-touch drill-down into any security issues, performance bottlenecks or SLA violations to radically reduce response times and mitigate such incidents.

"The user experience is a key ingredient that many IT solution vendors spend little time and thought on, often forcing clients to work around the inherent limitations," said Mark Lynd, President of FireScope. "By offering a menu of interface options, from completely customizable portals to rich-client touch-screens, FireScope ensures that every member of IT has instant access to all of the operational metrics and event information they need, whenever and however they choose."

FireScope's new Engage product was built by decoupling the interface from back office operations through a service-oriented architecture and adding an interactive, touch-screen interface ideal for network operations centers, IT strategic planning sessions or the offices of IT leadership. From VP to System Administrator, FireScope enables every member of IT to immerse themselves in IT operations through the interface method of their choice.

Engage allows IT security specialists, system administrators and other IT operators to focus on ongoing projects and tasks without the need to periodically switch to their IT operations interface or wait for traditional notification methods like email. As one possible application, mounted on an office wall, Engage receives real-time updates on asset performance and events from a FireScope Business Service Management appliance, which are displayed in visually appealing graphs, Google Maps, Adobe Flash components and more. Throughout the day, IT operators need only glance at Engage to understand infrastructure performance, business impact analysis and active threats. As critical events or early indicators of failure are identified, strong visual cues catch the eye of users in the vicinity of Engage, and with a single touch drill down to event details and performance snapshots. Armed with this information, remediation and proactive response become simpler and drastically quicker.

Engage Just the Beginning

In addition to supporting FireScope Engage touch-screens from 19-42 inches, FireScope is working on additional interface methods to deliver ubiquitous Business Service Management. Blackberries, PDA's and other mobile devices will become full-featured interfaces for IT operations using FireScope technologies. An iPhone application, using the recently announce iPhone SDK, is also under development.

"If I'm in a meeting or involved in a critical task when an event occurs, simply notifying me that an event has occurred is insufficient for me to know whether or not I need to drop what I'm doing and re-prioritize my day," said Lynd. "What I need is context; what I need is full immersion; why is this event important, what is the financial impact to the business, what services or users are being impacted? I don't always have immediate access to a laptop or desktop to answer these questions. That's where Engage and our other initiatives come in, giving me instant access to all of the relevant information I need using whatever device I choose, whether it's a desktop, mobile device or wall-mounted touch-screen."

FireScope's new Engage will be demonstrated at the annual RSA Security Conference in San Francisco April 7 - 11, 2008 at Moscone Center in Booth number 653.