FireScope, A10 Networks Partner To Improve IT Operations Troubleshooting Via User Identity Forensics

A10 Networks' IDsentrie to be Offered in Conjunction with FireScope's Business Service Management Platform; Solutions Correlate User IDs to Specific Devices, Problems

ADDISON, TX and SAN JOSE, CA - April 30, 2007 - FireScope, a leading developer of IT operations software, and A10 Networks today announced a technology and sales partnership that brings a new, more strategic level of knowledge to the science of Business Service Management (BSM). Via the combination of two of the companies' key technologies, IT managers will now be able to correlate the identity of enterprise personnel - even workers dispersed worldwide - to specific network occurrences, enabling them to better analyze and troubleshoot problems affecting overall IT system health.

FireScope's namesake product is the first business intelligence platform targeted to IT operations. Featuring a technology-agnostic framework, FireScope is a unified, single-source BSM dashboard that instantly reports on, and analyzes, network systems dispersed across the globe. The Web-based service uses a proprietary on-site network appliance, or group of distributed appliances, to draw data from any and all networked assets, no matter what their geographic location. Servers, applications, network equipment, point solutions, point of sale systems, databases and VOIP systems, among others, can all be analyzed. Data is processed in real time by FireScope's business intelligence engine, then filtered through a highly intuitive rules engine for fast incident response and notification.

By combining FireScope with A10 Networks' IDsentrie appliance, IT management personnel gain an even higher level of forensic knowledge. IDsentrie is the industry's only network identity management appliance with instant user identity resolution, which helps organizations of all sizes save time and minimize risk by resolving security issues faster. The appliance delivers integrated features that improve help desk efficiency, enhance network authentication and control, simplify user password and account management, and resolve IP addresses to identity (IP-to-ID) instantly.

IT staff can also use IDsentrie's IP-to-ID Service, recently voted one of the 10 best products for next-generation network infrastructure by Network World magazine, to link system events to responsible users and devices, times and dates, enabling them to better analyze and isolate problems.

"Many times, drilling down to the particular piece of software or hardware impacting network performance isn't enough. Individuals often need to be identified as well - either for additional information or to pinpoint specific procedures or actions," said Mark Lynd, president of FireScope. "A10 Networks' IDsentrie accurately provides that information. It is a significant enhancement to the power of FireScope, and one we strongly recommend for complete BSM analysis."

"Resolving user identity instantly is one of the most critical components of any IT system's health. A unified IT analysis solution that includes instant user identity can reduce IT operation costs and fix security issues much faster," said Lee Chen, president and CEO for A10 Networks. "Combining FireScope with A10 Networks' IDsentrie creates a powerful solution for enterprises."

Customers can benefit from the joint solution in one of two ways. From within the FireScope management interface, IT engineers can obtain immediate identity resolution for rapid troubleshooting with drill down capabilities. IT engineers can also use IDsentrie's IP-to-ID technology independently, allowing them to quickly track down FireScope alerts with instant identity resolution in the field.

Presence at Interop 2007
A10 Networks and FireScope will offer their two products as a joint solution, and will market each other's appliances to their list of existing and prospective customers. To further increase market awaren