FireScope Revolutionizes Business Service Management With A Focus On True Business Impact

Extremely Flexible Framework Offers IT Leaders a Business-Oriented View into IT Operations

ADDISON, TX - March 19, 2007 - As businesses seek ways to optimize the business value of IT, FireScope announced today that its latest release can significantly increase an organization's awareness of the current and trending business impact of IT services.

FireScope, sold and installed either as a network appliance or as group of distributed appliances, creates a Web-based portal that delivers the industry's first business intelligence platform targeted to IT Operations. This class of intelligence empowers IT leaders to easily identify opportunities for increased IT efficiency, more accurately plan long term growth, and react faster to changing conditions within their infrastructure.

Featuring a technology agnostic framework, FireScope Business Service Management (BSM) appliances can use any networked asset, no matter what the geographical location, as a source for data, including servers, applications, network equipment, point solutions, point of sale systems, databases and VOIP systems. All of this data is processed in real-time by FireScope's business intelligence engine, designed to provide actionable intelligence in real-time, and also filtered through a highly intuitive rules engine for faster incident response and notification.

The FireScope BSM solution further distinguishes itself from competitive offerings by including collaboration tools within its Web portal interface, enabling organizations to capture and retain the intuitive knowledge employees gain while on the job. This feature dramatically increases the efficiency of large, geographically dispersed IT organizations, as well as reducing the time it takes to train new employees.

"To achieve the full range of benefits implied by Business Service Management, businesses need more than a network monitoring or management solution," said Mark Lynd, President of FireScope. "With FireScope, we tapped our own experience in IT operations to design a solution that is not only easy to use, but provides hard business value and proves its worth rapidly after implementation."
Unmatched Flexibility

The portal architecture of the FireScope solution enables each user to define every aspect of their experience, including what metrics and systems to manage and how that information is delivered.

Additionally, users can organize network resources in any way that fits their operational needs, whether it be by geographic location, business unit or business service.

This flexibility includes built in support for a variety of IT best practice frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT, allowing FireScope to seamlessly integrate into an IT organization without forcing major changes in operational processes or structure. As new methodologies and best practices emerge, FireScope's intrinsic flexibility enables it to adapt and continue to provide value.

With solutions starting at $10,000, FireScope is a cost-effective way for any IT operation to realize significant return on investment. For more information on FireScope's Business Service Management solution, visit

About FireScope:

FireScope, Inc. offers a single solution that provides a real-time view of the health of IT operations by collecting and processing security, performance and availability data from nearly any server, router, security point solution or other networked device. It's built from multiple industry-proven open-source programs and integrated into an easy to use, Web-based dashboard. Solution options range from 20 monitored devices to thousands, making FireScope a product that can be tailored for businesses of any size. FireScope, Inc. is headquartered in La Palma, C