Premiere local exchange carrier implements FireScope Appliances to Simplify IT Operations

MONROVIA , CA - January 30, 2007 - FireScope, a leading developer of IT operations software, announced today that the California-based phone service company Telscape Communications selected FireScope appliances to increase IT operations efficiency, performance and security. Telscape was seeking the means to more effectively manage and grow their IT infrastructure, and chose FireScope's solution because it delivers extensive support for diverse environments.

Telscape deployed FireScope appliances in its corporate headquarters in Monrovia, California. The company, which offers the nation's only fully bilingual network, was concerned about managing the growth of their infrastructure without incurring excessive costs.

Within days of receiving delivery of the FireScope appliances, Telscape realized immediate opportunities for increased efficiencies within their infrastructure As more data is aggregated from systems and point solutions by the FireScope appliances, a sufficient base-line will be established to help Telscape's management model the growth of their infrastructure and simplify strategic and operational planning.

"To remain a leader in a highly competitive market such as ours, Telscape is always on the look out for ways to increase the productivity and reliability of our infrastructure," said Joseph Holop, Chief Technology Officer for Telscape. "The FireScope solution provides us with the means to accurately plan expansion, while also alerting us to critical issues before they affect our users. With the FireScope dashboard rolled out to our IT organization, we can change our focus from putting out fires to aligning IT with our business objectives."

"With the importance of IT availability and performance growing daily—not to mention the diversity and intensity of security threats—it's critical that IT managers have a better way to track and investigate their assets, regardless of location. The FireScope dashboard delivers on that need," said Mark Lynd, president of FireScope. "During their first demo of FireScope, Telscape immediately recognized what they could accomplish with the solution, and we're excited to see just how much they will be able to achieve during the first year of deployment."

About Telscape Communications, Inc .
Telscape Communications is the leading competitive facilities-based local, long distance and international phone service company serving the unique needs of the Hispanic community. Telscape operates the nation's only fully bilingual network using Nortel Networks technology and provides service throughout California and the Las Vegas region of Nevada. For more information, please visit

About FireScope:
FireScope, Inc. offers a single solution that provides a real-time view of the health of IT operations by collecting and processing security, performance and availability data from nearly any server, router, security point solution or other networked device. It's built from multiple industry-proven open-source programs and integrated into an easy to use, Web-based dashboard. Solution options range from 20 monitored devices to thousands, making FireScope a product that can be tailored for businesses of any size. FireScope, Inc. is headquartered in La Palma, California, and provides organizations with actionable business intelligence concerning the health and security of all critical IT assets, regardless of operating system or platform with its FireScope line of security appliances. To learn more about FireScope and the solutions it provides, visit