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The Application Performance Management (APM) market can be a confusing place, with considerable marketing hype that leaves many customers unsure of exactly what they purchased until they attempt to implement in their environment. On one side, there are legacy monitoring vendors with a large menu of niche monitoring tools, sold separately and without effective integration. On the other side, new vendors are emerging with cloud-based, application-centric monitoring services which leave significant gaps in coverage and lack the scale necessary to support today's massive technology environments. To help you navigate the maze of offerings, we've prepared the following capability comparisons between vendors on both sides of the spectrum and how they compare with FireScope's depth and breadth of capabilities.

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Supported Key ITIL Functions

ScienceLogic New Relic Solarwinds NPM FireScope Stratis
Availability Management Applications Only
Applications Management
Service Level Management    
Service Measurement      
Service Reporting      
Capacity Management      
Service Desk    
Event Management Applications Only
Incident Management  
Problem Management  
Release and Deployment Management      
Knowledge Management      
Financial Management      

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Deployment, Maintenance and Scalability

ScienceLogic New Relic Solarwinds NPM FireScope Stratis
Licensing By the Unit (~4 units per device) Subscription (module / host / month) Perpetual Perpetual or Subscription
Cloud-based Deployment    
Local Deployment, requiring dependent hardware and software that must be maintained    
Automated Configuration via Web Services      
Multi-Tenancy Supported    
Elastic Scalability      
Multiple Layers of Redundancy / Failover Capabilities Out-of-the-Box    
Data Storage MySQL Undisclosed MS SQL Big Data (NoSQL)

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Monitoring Capabilities

ScienceLogic New Relic Solarwinds NPM FireScope Stratis
Network Monitoring  
System Monitoring - Windows  
System Monitoring - Linux/Unix  
Application Monitoring
Legacy Application Monitoring      
Transaction Monitoring    
Virtualization Management  
Storage Management    
Custom or Proprietary Application Management    
Service Management      
Log Consolidation  
Security Event Monitoring    
Performance Monitoring Fixed Thresholds Only Applications Only
Event Management    
SLA Management      
Proactive SLA Management (Service Degradation)      
Business Outcome-Based SLA's      
Business Impact Analysis      
User Experience Monitoring  
Trending and Correlation      
Policy Management      
Capacity Monitoring    
Correlation of Event Impact on User Experience      
Unstructured Data Management    
Self-Adjusting (Baselining) Thresholds    
Alert Generation
Alert Filtering / Noise Reduction      
Alert Escalation      
Maintenance Windows      
Auto Incident Generation        
Fault Isolation (Root-Cause Analysis)      
Automated Correction of Faults      

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Data Collection Methods

ScienceLogic New Relic Solarwinds NPM FireScope Stratis
SNMP v1, v2, v3  
Web Monitoring (Synthetic Transactions)  
WMI / Perfmon  
Direct Database Connection      
Web Services      
VMWare API  
NetApp API    
Cisco UCS API    
Amazon AWS API    
Enterprise Service Bus      
Business Data Integration      
Dynamic Data Attribute
(Push data direct from application code)
Unstructured Data    
Custom Methods / SDK    

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Asset and Configuration Management

Boundary New Relic Solarwinds NPM FireScope Stratis
Inventory/Asset Management    
Discovery Network Only  
Service Dependency Discovery      
API-Enhanced Discovery (VMware, Cisco, NetApp, etc.)      
Automated Change Tracking      
Service / Resource Usage Tracking      
Accounting / License / Allocation Management        
Service Dependency Mapping      

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Change Management, Release and Automation

ScienceLogic New Relic Solarwinds NPM FireScope Stratis
Maintenance Windows    
Automated Deployment      
Change and Automation Triggered by Event      
Change Impact Analysis      

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Service Desk, Problem and Incident Management

ScienceLogic New Relic Solarwinds NPM FireScope Stratis
Service Desk (Ticketing)    
Incident/Event Escalation    
Asset - Incident History Tracking      
Knowledge base      
Recommend remediation steps based on incident type      
Automatic Generation of Incidents Based on Real-Time Monitoring      
Automatic Closing of Incidents Based on Real-Time Monitoring      
Automated remediation by triggering automation based on incident      

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Financial Management

ScienceLogic New Relic Solarwinds NPM FireScope Stratis
Real-time monitoring of vendors/service providers to verify SLA achievement      
Calculate costs to deliver a service      
Real-time calculation of costs per transaction or customer      
Financial data integration with ERP, Business applications      
Financial data integration with external cloud/service providers      
Real-time alerting when financial thresholds breached      
Analysis of Planned vs. Actual Budget Utilization      
Real-time correlation of financial impact of incidents      
Real-time analysis of revenue generation by Service      

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Dashboards, Reporting and Analytics

ScienceLogic New Relic Solarwinds NPM FireScope Stratis
Role-based Dashboards  
Customizable Dashboards  
Role-Based Security
LDAP Integration      
Out of Box Report Library  
Availability Reporting      
Performance Trend Reporting      
Event Reporting      
Custom Report Generation      
Scheduled Report Generation      
Export Reports to Multiple Formats    
Publish Data via JMS or Web Service      
Service Reporting (SLAs, Policy Enforcement, Service Performance)      
Financial / Business Impact Reporting      
Capacity Planning Reporting      
Service Consumption-Based Capacity Planning      
Predictive Analytics      
What-If Scenario Analytics      
Genetic Algorithm Support      

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* - The information on this page was gathered using publicly available sources. Each solution is based on industry leading solutions.